Autoimmune Success Stories

In the months I've come to see you I can only say: I trust you. My two auto-immune conditions are so much better. In fact, I hardly notice any symptoms. My new diet is really working well though sometimes I miss my old diet but not the way I used to feel. The herbs and acupuncture have been so helpful in my recovery. Thank you, thank you!

G.T-W., Chapel Hill, NC

In the meantime..... I have some very good news! I am starting to have normal bowel movements and the joint pain from my rheumatoid arthritis is lessening by the day. You were right about 'heal my gut and my joints will follow'. I think it may have taken longer for the supplement you gave me to work because of the antibiotics that I took in December. I am not pain free yet and still have some digestive issues but both have significantly improved! I am continuing to take all of the herbs, etc. and will track my progression until I see you again next month. At that time, if I am not 100% or any farther along than I am now I will follow up on your other suggestions. Thank you so much for all you have done to help me feel better! You are AWESOME!

F.H., Durham, NC

I have had you in my thoughts for several days and decided I should put the thoughts in writing. You have made me more comfortable with treatment and options than I have probably ever been. Typically, doctors just associate any concerns with my MS. And maybe that is justified. I am so excited about the idea that you can, and would, help me feel better. I am so tired of being achy and being tired all of the time. When I come in on Wednesday, I hope there will be some time that we might discuss. My back is SoOOOO much better!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!! Warm Regards,

F. W., Apex, NC

Treating the Triad: Asthma, Eczema and Peanut Allergies I’m so excited about the results we’re seeing with our daughter. I know it is long! Also, I’ve attached a picture of her—so full of personality! My daughter was exclusively breastfed from birth, loved her egg yolks and liver, joyfully took her fermented cod liver oil, drank fresh milk at one year, and always asked for seconds on sauerkraut and kim chi. Of course our diet wasn’t perfect, but it was *really good* and I had tried so hard for two years to provide our family with a nourishing diet. That’s why I was shocked when she accidentally ate a tiny bit of peanuts at 17 months of age and immediately began to react with her eyes swelling and sneezing. No one else in our family is allergic to peanuts, but it was apparent that she had a strong sensitivity. On top of that, our daughter began having respiratory issues that even sent us to the emergency room one night around the time that she turned 18 months old. She also had eczema around her mouth that I just couldn’t get rid of, no matter what foods I eliminated from her diet. Grrrrrrrrrr, our daughter was diagnosed by our family doctor as having the classic “triad” that is prevalent in so many children these days: asthma, eczema and a peanut allergy. Our family doctor couldn’t give me any explanation as to why so many children have these conditions these days, but she did prescribe an Epi-Pen and Albuterol and gave me hope that “maybe someday she will outgrow the asthma and nut allergy.” After praying and dealing with my emotions, I began reading about how I could proactively work to heal our daughter’s health conditions. I was not about to wait around for her to “outgrow” these conditions that could even be life threatening! Gleaning from my readings, I realized that at the time of her birth, my digestive system was likely not completely healed. I had eaten the Standard American Diet for about 27 years and I had only had a short period eating Real Foods, so I likely passed on my not-so-great gut flora to her at birth. This contributed to the development of her hyper-immune conditions. Additionally, we were living in an old apartment with a mold problem and laminate flooring. This environment was surely a huge factor in her health. These are the steps we took to treat our daughter’s immune issues: 1. Trust God more. I had to face the reality that no one can have perfect health on this earth. Sometimes we all get sick. I had read so many Dr. Mercola and wellness blog articles that I was starting to think if I just did all the right things and gave my family the right foods, they would be perfectly healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I think a ton of things can and should* *be done to improve a person’s health, but still we all get sick sometimes and we will all eventually die! I am learning to do my best in providing good nutrition for my family and trust God with the rest. 2. Move out of our apartment. We moved in with my in-laws in order to get out of that yucky mold environment. (Wow, I feel for those with health conditions who don’t have any option of going to another living environment. We are so blessed that we could move out). 3. Implement a healing diet. I took our daughter to Meridian Health Solutions in Durham, NC where she was treated by one of the practitioners who recommended we start on the GAPS diet right away. Since I had previously read about the Whole 30 diet, I decided to do a combination of the two diets. In short, we ate only the foods allowed on both diets with an emphasis on the healing foods recommended in the GAPS diet. 4. Take supplements. We gave our daughter a strong probiotic as recommended in GAPS. We also gave her cod liver oil, butter oil, and a couple supplements and an herbal formula recommended by the MHS practitioner. 5. Playing out in the sunshine. We try to spend at least an hour outside each day playing enjoying picnics and trips to the park even now in the mild North Carolina winter. The results: Eczema GONE! It’s been three months since we started our daughter on the healing diet. Her eczema went away after one month of starting the diet and she has had no flare ups at all, not even from acidic foods. No daily asthma medicine needed! She just made it through a cold without needing any steroid treatment! She did have to take albuterol three times during the course of that cold, but the herbal tincture and other supplements recommended by my Meridian Health Solutions practitioner (and not to mention prayer) got her through the bug. I am so thankful to Meridian Health Solutions. The practitioner has been there to support us through each step of the way. We also started with a new pediatrician who took our daughter off of the daily asthma medicine her previous family doctor had just started her on. I’m very hopeful that within the next year she will not need the albuterol at all. As far as the peanut allergy, sometime next year I’d like to try giving her a little bit of peanuts again and see if her body is healed of that sensitivity. I don’t ever plan for us to eat peanuts on a regular basis, but I’d like to know if she can tolerate them if she accidentally comes in contact with them again. We are continuing with a cross between a primal diet and the GAPS diet. We all feel good on this diet and my husband and I have seen good results in our own health as well. We are still living with my in-laws. Last I heard my mother-in-law lost 20 pounds since we moved in, just roughly following our diet and my father-in-law had lost 10 pounds, reluctantly following our diet (he still snacks on whatever he likes in between the meals I prepare for us all).

E.L., Raleigh, NC

I really think this is doing something for my RA. My left hand had much less pain all week. The right hand pain changed places to my knuckles, but is improved. My right shoulder is much better, and the muscles in my neck and shoulders are looser. That’s pretty good!

J.R., Durham, NC

When swimming my laps yesterday, I was thinking that my energy is so much better, no one else would ever know that I have MS!

G.R., Durham, NC

Yesterday I have seen you for the treatment of my stage four kidney failure, and the way we discuss and your acupuncture technique that you did on my back it is working like miracle. This morning when I got up I feel great with a lot of energy it seem like my body chi is balancing in prefect condition for a long time. Thank you very much for your care about my sickness and your consultation about it. I hope to see you in the next 2 weeks for another treatment either on Monday or Tuesday if you have any space for me. Once again Thank you very much. Sincerely yours,

S.V., Bangor, ME

I am less sensitive to smells. I helped my daughter move and was sore but recovered quicker than I usually do. I have stopped taking the omeprazole. I have been sleeping and resting better except for last night. You are really helping my health more than anyone else I’ve seen. Thank you,

D.W., Pinehurst, NC

I have to tell you that my wife and I were talking about you this evening and she said, "You know, I think your practitioner has really saved your life." And I thought to myself that she is absolutely right. Thank you for your thorough approach to your work. You have greatly improved my quality of life. See you soon,

T.H., Durham, NC