Cancer Support Success Stories

I had my first bone marrow biopsy in 8 years. The results were pretty astounding - 0.5% (down from 29% in early 2015). The diagnosis no longer is classified as AML. I have been shifted to the MDS category and only need to have a CBC several times a year. I thank you for all your good support over these years. With gratitude, G. S. Durham, NC

G.S. Durham, NC

The combined approach with herbs and acupuncture to my constipation has worked wonders. I did not experience any problem at all associated with the chemo last Thur. Getting a head start seems to be the key. I look forward to seeing you again for more acupuncture the following week. Thanks again for all your help.

K.D., Durham, NC

Here's my story. Six months ago, I was diagnosed with a very early stage breast cancer (ductal carcinoma in situ), for which it was recommended I have a lumpectomy and a six week course of radiation. After the first surgery, I had to have a re-incision, to make the margin around the tissue that was removed and the rest of the breast tissue wider. At the same time, I was bitten by a tick and contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. After the acute stage of this painful infection abated, I began the radiation treatments on my breast. I truly do not know how I would have made it through both surgeries, the radiation and recovered from the tick-borne disease with out the benefit of acupuncture and other advice from OHS. I had a remarkably rapid recovery from all of these conditions. Thanks to the acupuncture treatments, nutrition advice and a nutritional supplement recommended by a practitioner @ OHS, I experienced less fatigue that many other breast cancer patients. And compared to the other patients I met in the radiation waiting room, I also experienced much milder side effects from the radiation. In fact, my skin never burned, I had no lymph edema and was able to carry on almost normally throughout the six week radiation treatment period. In addition, my recovery from the RMSP was remarkably rapid. I've read and been told by others who had this illness or knew someone who had it, that recovery can take years. I'm pretty much back to my normal functioning and energy levels after six months. Acupuncture and electronic stimulation have also aided in the process of weaning my body off of the powerful narcotic pain medicines that were necessary in the first few months for both recovery from the breast surgery and the RMSF. I am absolutely convinced by my own experiences, that acupuncture and the knowledge of the practitioner helped my body both meet and recover from some very serious challenges much more rapidly than would otherwise have been possible. I am grateful to OHS for the knowledge and assistance that have helped me return to an active and productive life style. N. S. O'D.

Durham, NC

When I was diagnosed with my cancer, I was distraught. I was petrified of the upcoming chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. I knew nothing about acupuncture but went to OHS at the suggestion of a friend. My husband stayed with me after she put the needles in and says my face relaxed for the first time since the diagnosis and then my body relaxed. He says my spirits improved from that moment forward. After my 4th week of radiation therapy and the 2nd week of in-patient chemotherapy, I was so nauseous that I could keep nothing down. The meds my doctors gave me did little to improve my nausea and I was becoming weaker and battling dehydration. I was hospitalized an extra time just to deal with the nausea and dehydration. My practitioner changed all this by putting needles in my wrists. The nausea disappeared immediately. We worked out a way to keep tiny needles in place and I began to regain my strength. V. P.

April 2006

I was diagnosed with lung cancer November 2003 and began chemotherapy in February 2003. During treatment, at the urging of my daughter who had greatly benefited from acupuncture, I made an appointment @OHS. He was very thorough in learning about me - my symptoms, my strengths and weaknesses, my history. My practitioner was extremely knowledgeable about whole body healing and the importance of the immune system. I truly believe that acupuncture played a key role in my immune system staying strong through 4 months of chemotherapy. I continue to periodically go for acupuncture and I continue to do well as a cancer survivor. Thank you, thank you Oriental Health Solutions!

J. M. S., April 6, 2006

I was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2003. After surgery, I received the traditional treatment - chemotherapy and radiation. Eleven months after completing that treatment the cancer was back. Remembering the unpleasant side effects of the earlier chemo (low red and white blood counts, lack of energy, nausea and digestive problems), I decided to pursue Oriental medicine as a complementary treatment. This was done with the complete support of my oncologist. We focused the treatment (acupuncture, herbs, diet, etc.) on improving my general health during chemotherapy and countering the negative side effects. We paid special attention to my immune system and were able to keep my white blood counts high enough that I did not get sick or have to skip any chemo treatments. My overall energy and well being have been amazing. I would highly recommend the use of Oriental medicine as a complement to traditional medical treatment. V.F.

March 2006