Digestion Success Stories

There is likely more work to do in bringing my body back to health, but this is a promising start. It's been several years since I felt this healthy and was able to digest the way I had previously. Thank you for helping me get onto the road of recovery. I look forward to seeing you next week. Gratefully,

S.F., Durham, NC

Greetings, I am so happy to say....The herbs have continued to do me well!!! No symptoms all week long! And even better, I feel "normal" in my belly. For months now, I have been hyper aware of every sensation in my belly all day long and constantly concerned that some sensation was going to lead to a symptom. This week I have been doing that much less and at times even forgetting about my belly! This is HUGE for me. Thanks You! I am SOOOO happy :)

C.D., Chapel Hill, NC

I just want to say "Thank you" to you. I am feeling very well, my stomach is great, and I completely stopped taking both medicines (herbal and pills). I am still trying to be careful with spicy food and drinking aloe juice from time to time. THank you SOOOO much for your advice. I should have replied back to you way earlier but at the same time I wanted to wait until I feel better. Thank you for believing in me (other docs and caregiver were very skeptical about my symtomps) and again I appreciate your advice.

J.K., Raleigh, NC

Thank you for seeing me today! It was just such a pleasure to be in your presence once again. I feel "lighter" in my abdominal area. Also, pain has decreased substantially since seeing you. I also had a really nice yoga practice shortly after acupuncture, so I'm sure that added to the good work already done. :) When you have a chance, let me know what other food ideas you may have for me. I welcome all your suggestions!

S.S., Durham, NC

Just wanted to say thank you for your responsiveness yesterday. Those little needles are amazing! No vomiting at all last night, and today my nausea is manageable. I'm a much happier person! Gratefully,

A.K., Durham, NC

The food you pointed out to me was killing me! I feel so much better having eliminated it. My joints are all lubricated, not sticky and cranky. Stomach pains completely gone – no gas and bloating – a miracle! I had to see my internist yesterday, and I have lost 5 lbs since April and my blood pressure, which was 130/74 then is now 100/72 (could that be related??). Thanks!!

F.T., Durham, NC

I've had colitis for 25 years and after implementing the dietary changes you suggested during our first session my symptoms have ceased to exist 100%. In hindsight, this was so simple and it's so easy to implement! Thank you so very much!

S.V., Raleigh, NC

Thank you again for treating my irritable bowel syndrome. I cannot begin to tell you the impact our dietary changes alone have had on our lives. And since my acupuncture treatment Tuesday, my stomach is feeling so much better. Thank you! Take good care.

N.T., Raleigh, NC

My mom thoroughly enjoyed seeing you last week. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, and so thankful for everything you have taught us! We are both eating, living, and feeling so much healthier because of you. Thank you for everything. I hope you had a nice weekend.

A.C., Chapel Hill, NC

I can't be certain if the new herbs for my gallbladder are helping, but I can tell you I've only had minor discomfort - no pain - just once the past two weeks since I increased to a teaspoon twice daily. I have only a day or two left of the herbs. Could you make another batch? FYI - I saw my primary care physician about the gallbladder pain. She's Chinese and she seemed to recognize the herb list you provided to me, or at least she had no concerns. She referred me to a surgeon for a second opinion and I have an appt. She speculated that perhaps the polyp was giving me pain, but no way to be certain. She acknowledged that my diet sounded excellent (thank you!). Also, forgot to thank you for suggesting the combination of external solutions for my scalp line psoriasis. I continue to have problems as I have for years (it's much worse with dry winter heat), but this does help!

A.C. Durham, NC

"I can't thank you enough for your incredible information yesterday - I was able to pick the other things up at Whole Foods yesterday. Thank you for the dietary and shopping brochures I look forward to reading them!! See you in September." Many Many thanks again!!

M. C., Cary, NC

I am delighted to report to you that 9 days after his acupuncture treatment, and after starting CoQ 10, my father feels better than he has in years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with his assessment that this is partly because he has finally been relieved of the ongoing care of my mother, who has advanced alzheimer's. But listen to this: He has not had an appetite in years!!!!!!!!!!!! And now he does!!! And he was able to work outside in the garden for 5 hours straight last week. Pretty good for an 83 year-old with heart failure... THANK YOU, Oriental Health Solutions!

K.T., Durham, NC

My practitioner @ OHS recommended the Bone Broth Soup which gave me (as a caregiver) the ability to do something tangible to help my husband nutritionally when he simply couldn't eat solid foods. This was and continues to be a source of relief for me that he is getting. As his caregiver I see a difference within a day or so of acupuncture - overall, more energy and nausea decreases.

B.W., Chapel Hill, NC

Just thought you should know that eating fat with my meals is working like a charm. I have been eating like you suggested with all my meals and have not experienced heartburn since Tuesday, when I spoke to you. I am also drinking the special juice you recommended. My husband wanted to know if he could come in close to the time I am coming in December. Thank you for all your great advice, it feels good not to have heartburn. All my best,

S.L., Chapel, NC

Also, I wanted to let you know even though last Thursday was a terrible day, my stomach problem has totally disappeared! After I saw you I drove back thru the pouring rain to Apex to take my daughter back to school when I had a serious family emergency. If anything would have made my stomach a bigger knot than it already it would have been from the family situation that day, but somehow the acupuncture treatment you gave me that day really "took". So I just wanted to say THANKS.

Sincerely, R.A., Cary, NC

You know the saying, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I am grateful for your seasoned insights and gentle but powerful way that you opened up my eyes to changing my eating habits. My vitality has increased since I have been eating denser food, more protein and fat, and this is what I needed to propel forward. Few others could have convinced me to switch gears!" Gratitude, Love and light!

G.S., Durham, NC

Number two reason is you have done such a good job, that I feel my health is at a point that is good now (as long as I continue to eat healthy). I wanted to say a great big Thank You for everything. When I first came in I felt low energy, aches and pains, headaches, twisting in my stomach. And now, I have energy, I have no headaches and no aches and pains and no twisting in my stomach. At this point, I feel as long as I continue to feed my body good food that it will continue to get strengthened. I feel so much healthier. Thank you, thank you, Thank you. You do your job very well. I will miss coming in, I enjoyed chatting with you. I wish you the very best in all that you set your hands upon. I will definitely mention you to everyone I know, and refer people to you. Again, thank you so much for all you have done for me.

Bless you, L. B., Cary, NC

Thank you again for everything you are doing to help us. I cannot begin to tell you the impact our dietary changes alone have had on our lives. And since my acupuncture treatment Tuesday, my stomach is feeling so much better. We are delighted to be working with you on this very special project. Take good care.

N.N., Raleigh, NC