General Health Success Stories

I slept last night without drugs and no pain. And my granddaughter relaxed and did the back float for the first time in the pool without being anxious. What can’t you do? Hugs

C.V., Apex, NC

I just got home. Thank you, both for the book suggestion and for your exceptional, loving, professional care. Not many people can provide even two of those adjectives - you serve all of your patients with all three - and we are eternally grateful. Thank you,

L.M., Charlotte, NC

Wanted you to know that, at my birthday party with family in VA, you were boisterously toasted for your contribution to keeping me and us healthy. We were all reminded that we are so lucky to have your expertise and caring for our entire family. Hugs

V. S., Durham, NC

I have been doing amazingly well - and it is clear that YOUR reset treatment has had phenomenal results. You indeed "sped up the healing process." I'm awestruck for sure. Pain much better - don't usually notice it unless I cough or sneeze, or make a quick forbidden move. Still having some sleeping problems, still get tired and need to rest, but there have been some days when I don't even have to lie down. Teaching all of my students now and have enough energy to do so. So Grateful!

B.B., Raleigh, NC

I want to say thank you for all your support. You have helped me more than anyone else in this journey. Not only with acupuncture, diet and supplements but by being a positive and engaging consultant; the person that I can talk with about the many convoluted steps I need to take to find answers.

J.M., Durham, NC

P.S. -- Oh, by the way, I have told a few more people about you and the wonderful work that you do, so you may be getting a few more patients. One of my friends is going through menopause and having tons of terrible problems with anxiety -- I gave her your information/website. Also, another good friend of mine suffers from Crohn's (or IBS? I can't remember) and also some other problems very similar to what I had. I talked to her today and gave her your information, so she may be contacting you. I also told her about the supplement and told her that you might tell her to call Pam to order it. By the way...MY special problem is 100% resolved!!! Yay! After a year of misery!!! You are WONDERFUL!!! :)

K.D., Raleigh, NC

I wanted to express my gratitude to you! You are a great holistic practitioner and I am so thankful to have found you. I am feeling better every day and probably the best I’ve felt in a long time. I will see you soon. Kindly,

N.O., Durham, NC

I am amazed by the changes I am already seeing after just one visit. My daughter also seems fine with the herbs I am taking. Thanks so much. I am really impressed by my first visit to your clinic.

E.C., Wake Forest, NC

I hope you know this already, but it bears repeating that I am so grateful for your wisdom and care. I was amazed at the degree to which my stress was reduced in the course of my appointment yesterday through your presence, your analysis and help with a "plan," and the needles. Thanks for sharing your deep healing skills and commitment with all of us. With gratitude,

K.G., Durham, NC

Unfortunately, I need to cancel my next appointment, but it is because I am feeling great. I will continue taking the 2 supplements and will come by this week to refill both. I will certainly call to make an appointment if I feel like I’m deteriorating. Fortunately, you’ve done such a great job that I think I’m in pretty good shape and holding steady. I look forward to seeing you in the office and thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

J. C., Durham, NC

Thank you for your help today. I feel like I am in great hands, and as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders bearing the concern alone. Thank you so much! Since I left your office I have felt refreshed and revitalized, and went straight to the grocery! Cooking my first chicken tonight :)

B.F., Chapel Hill, NC

Good Morning, Thank you so much for this information. Also- thank you so much for doing so much to help humanity. It is very evident here that you did your research. (as if you don't already have enough to do) Good vibes and blessings,

E.F., Raleigh, NC

What a great presentation you gave last night!! Already a couple of students have asked how to contact you. Your information makes sense, is practical, and you see the whole persons' connectedness to everything. And besides, your advice is do-able. Thank you again for coming to speak with our students.

B.O., Chapel Hill, NC

Thank you so much for the last treatment. The results in terms of how I felt were remarkable. You are a true healer and I’m so glad I have the opportunity to be your client. I’m feeling good this week. Went back to the gym yesterday. Flabby and easily winded, but so glad to be there. Thank you so much!

Z. E., Durham, NC

Hi! I love your book. I’ve had it since 1998 and always aspired to use it in practice. It has helped me so much in my practice as i have finally transitioned from using strictly prepared formulas to using loose herbs. I find myself referring to it several times a day and carry it with me as a pastor does his bible. I have requested catalogs from all the herbal supply companies in your directory and will choose one soon. Your Fan

K. A., San Francisco, CA

I just want to thank you again for getting me on the supplements. They are really helping a lot. I am very grateful! No response needed. I am just overflowing w/ gratitude Take care,

L. O., Carrboro, NC

Isn't excellent that you saved me from taking that darn drug? I've attached my recent lab results for the nutritional evaluation. I look forward to your interpretation. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR PROVIDING ME SUCH EXCELLENT CARE!!!!!!!

D. G., Raleigh, NC

I don’t know what I would do without you.

V. C., Raleigh, NC

I think you met just about everyone in the family for health issues this year and I am so thankful to know you and to benefit from your knowledge and support. All in all, our family is so much better off from your help – your help with my husband was especially wonderful – huge that he became open to your knowledge. Best wishes for the New Year,

B. Y., Chapel Hill, NC

Thank you for getting back to me. I have some bad and good news: I am moving to Santa Rosa next week. Everything with my current work didn't turn out in my favor but I got an incredible job in CA... I would love to get in with you before I leave but if it does not work out I will try to get in with you whenever I come to town! The work you have done with me has been truly amazing and I really hope to keep it up! Thank you,

J. C., Wake Forrest, NC

Thank you again for all your help. I am so appreciative for what you do and know...your dedication is so clear. I know I will see you soon.

S. W., Apex, NC

If you don't mind, I'd like to briefly update you with additional information, recently obtained, for my "puzzle/chart." (…) Thanks SO SO VERY MUCH for your incredible services up to this point. As I've conveyed many times before, I'm beyond grateful to you and am incredibly respectful of your skill and expertise. Thank you and I look forward to our appt. next Monday evening! Sincerely and respectfully,

K.M., Raleigh, NC

I really appreciate both of your e-mails and you taking the time to provide me with this information. As a follow up to our last session: My symptoms have been 40 - 50% improved since seeing you. I went to see the physician you referred me to. She is absolutely WONDERFUL!  By far the best MD I've ever encountered.  She doesn't believe I even have my suspected problem, but does think I have a low grade infection (as you concluded), which includes Candida.  She recommended supplements which I have begun to take. Thanks for everything.  I'll see you in a couple of weeks.

P.T., Hillborough, NC

It was so nice to meet you. Everything I heard about you was true and more. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. I feel a renewed energy I have never felt before. Thank you soooooo much. Thanks for the articles. I'm enjoying them a whole lot. Till next time,

E. N., Durham, NC

I want to thank you for being real with me and encouraging me to get another opinion, one connected with one of the teaching hospitals. That doctor guided me further. You were the most helpful voice to me. It helped make a better decision.

J.J., Durham, NC

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