Stress Success Stories

Since our session on Tuesday my heart rate has been much more normal—I have periods of pounding, but they are fewer and further between. I am scheduled to take a stress test and something called a holder test on Monday, and it is possible that my symptoms will be gone by then. Thanks for whatever you did!

A.G., Danville, VA

Thank you for your help today. I feel like I am in great hands, and as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders bearing the concern alone. Thank you so much! Since I left your office I have felt refreshed and revitalized, and went straight to the grocery! Cooking my first chicken tonight :)

B.F., Chapel Hill, NC

Just wanted to let you know that after 10 days of the supplements I feel better than I’ve felt in many years. Still not feeling as good as I want to but much, much better. Still having some joint pain but it’s probably 60% of what it was before we started this. In fact, I’m sleeping much better than I’ve slept in years. The pain is no longer waking me up. Energy level is much improved. Blood sugar problems are almost completely gone. You are a miracle practitioner! Thank you from the deepest part of my heart. Can’t wait to come to North Carolina and meet you in person. Standing ovation for YOU

K.Y., Richmond, VA

Thank you so much for a fantastic session yesterday. I already can feel the effects of the work you did - and that, in addition to the pulsatilla remedy you prescribed, seemed to have a very positive impact on my mood and productivity today. I can't tell you how pleased I am to be working with you. You are a gem. Love,

N. P., Durham, NC

Just an update- As odd as this may sound (?): sitting in a meeting room last Thursday (actually, a waiting room outside the magistrate's courtrooms of the Durham County Judicial Building), amidst the complicated business of trying to assist a poor person facing a serious threat of loss of their housing, I felt my physical distress, which had plagued me minute to minute for the past 10 day period, suddenly lift, like a wet raincoat that I was taking off. All of sudden my jaw unclenched, my head stopped pounding, my heartbeat slowed, my spine relaxed, etc. Remarkable! Thanks again for your role in that healing process. Anyway, I am grateful that you have the fortitude and insight, in my experience, to encounter the healing opportunities of your patients like me at all levels at which they exist. That's a gift! Right on! Have a good week, see ya in about 4 weeks Your patient,

D. C., Durham, NC

Wow. Today (Wednesday) I feel like a completely new man! I have run errands, washed my car, taken down the outside Christmas lights (!!!!!), cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom... and I'm still going strong. This is the kind of day that usually only Prednisone can produce!! :) All my anxiety is gone, and what a beautiful day for that to happen. My lungs still feel a bit off, but mostly my body has relaxed, and obviously is full of energy. Hey, I'm going back outside to enjoy more of this. Thanks again,

J.W., Durham, NC

I just loooove getting treatments. Not only do they help my arthritis but they are sooo relaxing. I hardly notice the needles going in and then, right after the needles go in, I feel this total relaxation coming over me that feels so nourishing, I can hardly describe it. I feel like I am in a trance state." A wonderful feeling!,

A. J., Durham, NC

With MY needles I hope to honor one so kind Alas, for YOUR needles I will truly pine. I trust this will leave a trace of me behind. I know I'll take with me a calmer less anxious body and mind. So here's to you dear healer and friend… How can I ever thank you for making me whole again. . . .

D.O., former Durham resident - moved out of state

"I slept better last night than I had in a long, long time." Love,

L. H., Oxford, NC

I want to thank you for yesterday. Several things. . .. being someone that I could share with. . . that I had written a letter to my husband. . . . and understanding. For asking if I had sent it (followed thru). . . . and what the hardest thing about doing it was. . . . . for letting me be with my grief. . . . for always gently giving me such space to feel and to share. . . .what I feel at the moment. . . joy and sadness. . . whatever comes up. . .. For the peacefulness of the treatment. .. the healing of it. . . . the thunderstorm that was somehow so appropriate (I know you did not really create that.. . . but it was no coincidence). . . kind of like the weather the past week or so. . . . :) For teaching and sharing with me the correlation of ancient Chinese wisdom and leading me to see the clarity of it all. . . how we are so finely wrought, so much a part of the rhythms of life. . . physical body and soul so intertwined. . . You voice it, and share it, so simply and eloquently. Thank you for sharing you. I appreciate you!

Love, J.C., Carrboro, NC

I would like to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your love, support and guidance really helped me though a difficult time in my life and I will never, ever forget what you did for me. I wish you and your family nothing - and I mean nothing - but the very best. You are such a wonderful person and I am so grateful that you are in the world doing such great things. I am truly honored and blessed to have known you. You are a rare gem and I am forever thankful. I hope we can keep in touch, with all the very best,

R.N., Boise, ID