Women’s Health Success Stories

My OB-GYN referred me to Oriental Health Solutions because of a severe case of endometriosis, which was causing unbearable pain, heavy bleeding and hindering my chances of conceiving. After the first session, I felt rejuvinated! Within a few of months of starting treatment, my periods were regular and far less painful. My practitioner is highly professional and skilled. She has my complete trust. I'm so thankful to have had my health restored through acupuncture.

J.P., Kaneohe, HI

Wow, thank you so much for all of the information. I have read through all of it. I will have to study some of it more intensely. I also finished reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility and have started charting. My sugar cravings and desires to binge have disappeared. I stopped taking my over-the-counter allergy medicine and have been able to breathe easily through the night and am not congested in the morning. I can work in my garden without sneezing and itchy eyes. I have also had more energy and just generally feel happier. I am absolutely amazed.

S.F., Durham, NC

You wanted me to check in this week about how the treatment is working. I have noticed a HUGE decrease in the hot flashes. Where i was having them about every couple of hours, i might have one a day. YEA! Also, the supplement you gave me seems to have taken the edge off my arthritis. It is not completely gone, but improved. Would it be helpful for me to take the capsules 3 x a day instead of two?

B.W., Durham, NC

hi... by the time i got to the mammogram, i could hardly find the lump. i had the gram just because i haven't had one since 2007 and to make sure anyway. they didn't see anything but insisted i have an ultrasound. the radiologist couldn't feel the lump; i told her i just came from acupuncture where i was treated for the hormonal connection to it and that it had disappeared in the meantime. she said, "oh. let's do the ultrasound anyway." when i pushed about why, she said "just to make sure we didn't miss anything." i submitted to it since it's no radiation. she showed me the images and said i looked smooth and perfect. i reminded her about the acupuncture and she, of course, didn't pursue it. sigh... THANK YOU!!!

F. M., Durham, NC

Hope you are well. I may be leaving for MI tomorrow, so I thought I would give you an update today. My daughter has been taking the herbs since last Wednesday, and I can tell she is feeling better. Her face has not had any new eruptions but we are in the follicular phase of her cycle, the bumps under the skin are still there but the skin surface is much less oily. Is that from the herbs? The probiotics are being taken too. Thank you for all that you do, and for all of the health you are bringing to my family.

F. A., Chapel Hill, NC

Thank you again for talking with me on Friday. You were very kind and generous to offer your time and support, and I appreciate your being in my network of super women! I hope to see you some time in June after the surgery. Kind regards,

J.G., Chapel Hill, NC

I just wanted to tell you how amazing I felt after yesterday's treatment. My energy level hasn't been this high in over ten years. I wanted to thank you for your excellent care and helping me through my menopausal transition.

Thanks for your support and caring! T.N., Chapel Hill, NC

Great news! My cholesterol is down from 206 to 176, so my intention - not to mention my concerted efforts and your support-- worked! Following is the complete profile. Liver enzymes are all normal, and my doctor suggested that I keep doing what I'm doing, so I'll continue with the supplements and herbs daily. Thank you again for your advice and support not only with the cholesterol, but with the menopausal transition as well.

Regards, J. G., Durham , NC