Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a rich, nuanced, holistic medical system that has been in active use for over two thousand years. Chinese herbs are almost always given as a formula consisting of 5-15 synergistic single herbs, which are selected after collecting thorough information about the whole, unique you who is being treated.

The practitioners at MHS are extremely picky about substances we put on and in our own bodies; this attention also applies to the quality of Chinese herbs we carry. We only source from suppliers such as Spring Wind, Crane, or Mayway Herbs that guarantee cleanliness, safety, and proper herbal identification. The herbs we carry pass or exceed all standards for levels of pesticides, heavy metals, and contaminants. They are herbs that we felt safe taking during our own pregnancies and give to our own families when they need.

About 70% of our patients use some form of Chinese herbal medicine during their treatment time with us. Herbs come in various formats. The most common type we dispense, chosen for its effectiveness and ability to tailor each formula individually, is powdered herbal formulas that are brewed with hot water and taken daily. Herbal pills or tablets are chosen for their convenience, and are very effective for the common cold, digestive problems, or seasonal allergy symptoms. Herbal salves, liniments, or plasters are applied topically to ease muscle and joint aches. 

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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Dermatology

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Dermatology is a unique specialty within Chinese Herbal Medicine. Collecting a detailed history, current symptoms, plus careful visual examination of the skin helps determine a correct diagnosis and effective treatment. Chinese herbal medicine can yield profound and lasting results in many inflammatory and autoimmune skin conditions. The best way to show the power of Chinese Herbal Medicine for Dermatology is through photos of patient improvements over time:



Pompholyx (Dishydrotic) Eczema


Lichen planus

Lichen simplex

We treat the above conditions plus many others including Urticaria (hives), Fungal infections/Tinea, Herpes simplex, Rosacea, Perioral dermatitis, and Puritis.

If your skin condition is severe and especially if you have already used treatments such as high-potency corticosteroids, antibiotics, or biologics, you must be prepared to take strongly flavored (aka really gross) herbal medicine. High doses of herbs are needed daily, and the cooking process takes a lot of time, so for practical reasons, we go through Kamwo Pharmacy to cook your herbs, seal into individual doses, and ship directly to your house. Because of the high doses/specialized cooking/shipping involved, costs are also much higher than herbs we otherwise dispense. But the good news is that treatment has an endpoint!

Length of treatment depends on severity of the skin condition plus general health of the patient; 3-6 months is a typical treatment course from start to resolution of symptoms. The goal of treatment is to balance the whole person, so the skin can heal and stay healed even after stopping herbal medicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Fertility

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Fertility is another specialized field in which our fertility practitioners have intensive training. Read more about Fertility & Pregnancy.