Covid-19 Announcements

Maintaining A Safe Healing Environment

•    Masks are now optional. Please tell your practitioner if you prefer he/she wear a mask. We are happy to accomodate your needs.

•    Do not come if you have any sign of a respiratory disease such as fever or cough, or even a common cold. Such cases can proceed with a virtual appointment and we’ll offer you herbs or other appropriate support. We understand that this is a big ask, as we’ve always allowed and helped people in their sickened states. But we must follow the public practice of limiting exposure. If you are unsure about whether to come in, be in touch with us ASAP and we can assess/decide together.

•    Please arrive on time for your appointment, but no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Upon arrival, you will be directed to go to your assigned treatment room. Anyone accompanying you to the appointment needs to stay in the treatment room with you, or wait outside/in the car. For now, we ask for no hanging out in the waiting room.

•    Please properly wash your hands before settling into your treatment room.

•   In the treatment room: Place your personal belongings in the designated area, and sit only on the table on the clean sheet, which is changed between each patient. If you enjoy being cozy and covered during your treatment, feel free to bring your own towel or small blanket.

•    Checkout: Please do not crowd others in the reception area. The Office Manager may ask you to step back or wait elsewhere if needed. You may abstain from signing your credit card receipts for the time being. We do accept checks and cash.

•   Herb/supplement pickup: as always, please give at least 24h notice for herbal formula refills. For supplements or ready-made remedies, calling ahead ensures we have what you need on hand. Feel free to come inside anytime between 9:30am – 5pm Monday-Friday to pay for and pick up your supplies.   

We appreciate your continued support!