Autoimmune Respiratory Success Stories

Wow, that was amazing!! As you know, I felt better on the table from my severe cold. Then, overnight, I started to get a rattle in my chest and the only thing that would stop it was a horrid cough. I've never had anything like that before -- kind of dramatic to me! However, a few hours later, that lifted, and my aches and pains and fever were also all gone by morning. All I was left with was a little nose stuff and a little cough. Such an incredible turn-around! I'm still on the herbs but was able to canvass today (much to my relief!) and am so happy to be back in the swing of things. Much gratitude to you!

K. F-B., Durham, NC

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you in my corner! Thank you for your kind heart and ability to connect the dots so well. You are an incredible person and I wish you the best.

G.A., Ann Arbor, MI

I felt relief in my ear after the session. There was lots of crackling and my both had a hollow drum-like resonance. The ear stayed open and is now completely healed. Thank you for your wisdom, magical skills and gentle presence. Many thanks and much love,

C.V., Chapel Hill, NC

Wow, thank you so much for all of the information. I have read through all of it. I will have to study some of it more intensely. I also finished reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility and have started charting. My sugar cravings and desires to binge have disappeared. I stopped taking my over-the-counter allergy medicine and have been able to breathe easily through the night and am not congested in the morning. I can work in my garden without sneezing and itchy eyes. I have also had more energy and just generally feel happier. I am absolutely amazed.

S.F., Durham, NC

Everyone is still so amazed at how rarely my kids or I get sick. I haven’t had a sinus infection in over 2 years. Ever since I got pregnant with the twins I haven’t been sick since. My older daughter has never had a fever of over 100 and she hasn’t been sick with anything in over 3 years, not even really a cold. The twins have each only been sick about 3 days total in their lives, with only minor colds every now and then, and only one day of low-grade fever for each of them. It’s unbelievable! What I learned from my OHS practitioner about good health habits has really paid off with my kids. Hopefully it will stick with them for their lifetimes. THANK YOU!!  --

T. A., Cary, NC

As you predicted I am feeling significantly better. My lungs feel completely clear. The wheezing is gone. I am able to take deep breaths without effort. My coughing spells have been reduced to approximately one cough per six-eight hours. And my nasal discharge is much clearer, especially later in the day. I still feel congested in the mornings, but this feeling largely disappears after a couple of hours. Thank you again for the very effective treatments. As usual, they worked beautifully and thoroughly.

R.K., Morrisville, NC

I did the steam pot last night and it was amazing how much was "in there." There's still more I believe. and this morning, my liver area is much quieter. I believe you are a genius. I'll keep you posted.

L.B., chapel hill, nc

I'm grateful to you for the flu pack and your advice. I do believe that I "sweated it out" on Monday by superheating my bedroom and bundling up. It was uncomfortable, but apparently effective. I'm feeling fine today. Many thanks,

A.F., Durham, NC

Otherwise, I'm feeling fine, great really - I keep telling people how much better I feel after one year of working with you, and my new diet! I must brag: after getting strep throat rather dramatically 2-3 weeks after my initial appointment with you Thanksgiving a year ago, and drastically changing my diet, I have not been sick once. I don't think in my entire life I've gone one year without at least a cold. I am so proud and delighted! and grateful to you.

A. B., Durham, NC

We forgot in the rush of the moment to exchange email addresses so I can order more pills when needed. I have clearly seen relief from most of the pain and 99% of the sinus blockage. I have not taken nose spray once since your treatment and the pills. Thank you so much for finding a better way to treat medical problems naturally. They work without the side effects. I hope to get back for another treatment very soon.

A. M. Durham, NC

It was such a pleasure seeing you today...and my daughter adored you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as I sit here on my computer I continue to feel my gratitude...because for the last 8 months I would sit here and be overwhelmed with coughing from the particulates from the new attic and unfinished "secret" room attached to our office.....THANK YOU!!! So, do you have a super nutritive recipe for beef broth?????? Or how about super delicious and super nutritive (and please don't tell me to add eyes of newt, or liver or tongue or anything like that...that just ain't ever gonna happen no matter how nutritive)... Thanks so much and have a blessed weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In gratitude,

J. B., Chapel Hill, NC