Emotional Health Success Stories

I was weeks away from my wedding, home purchase and my new business was growing. After my first treatment, my anxiety was better—I had space between the anxiety triggers and my reaction.

Durham Raleigh NC | J.W.

Every year about the same time I fall into a funk. I become tired and unmotivated and uninspired, I gain weight and I get a cold that takes over a month to resolve. Acupuncture helps me quickly get back to myself like magic.

D.B., Chapel Hill, NC

I felt great after my treatment and have continued to feel good. I haven’t had any hot flashes since! My leg swelling is much better and I’m sleeping through the night more.

A.M., Durham, NC

The main reason I come here is to relax. I don’t know what you’re doing, but I know I always feel better after I’ve been here, and I can’t say that for all the other modalities I’ve tried. This just puts me in my happy place.

Durham Raleigh NC | S.L.

So far the herbs have been working wonderfully. I have noticed a calm energy, if that makes sense. It's easier for me to get up and I don't feel the need to go to bed at ridiculously early hours. In other words, I'm in less of a funk. Thanks!

C.B., Durham, NC

I’ve been a patient of Toby’s since 2008 when I was a cancer patient seeking natural support for side effects of chemo. Being new to acupuncture, I was surprised during my very first treatment to experience immediate and calming effects. It was that day when I realized that I had been suffering from extreme anxiety all my life. The calming effects of acupuncture were cumulative and within a few months, I was completely grounded and calm, naturally! I was able to avoid negative side effects from chemo thanks to acupuncture treatments. Over the years, Toby’s expertise in acupuncture and various Eastern healing methods has created miraculous transformations for my mind, body and spirit in countless ways. My general well-being is excellent, thanks in large part to acupuncture, so my visits to see her have certainly slowed over the years. I continue to see Toby for seasonal “tune-ups” and always walk away feeling freshly balanced and grounded. My children are also patients of Toby’s as acupuncture provides natural relief for so many ailments and issues for all ages. Toby was trained by the best, is passionate about acupuncture, eastern medicine and patient care, and works tirelessly for her patients to seek answers to the mysteries of the body and mind.

D.P., Durham, NC

I've been receiving acupuncture at MHS for 4 years, during which time I've had a lot of physical and emotional ups and downs. Acupuncture has really helped me keep on an even keel in my mind and my body. I feel better and more physically and emotionally stable than I have ever felt because I have found acupuncture.

J.H., Durham, NC

I chose acupuncture as a “last resort” treatment for feelings of depression and helplessness I’d battled all my life. I had tried many other approaches to alleviating these feelings: talk therapy, antidepressants, exercising, eating right, and more talk therapy. While each effort helped to some extent, nothing seemed to get at the core of what was wrong. Acupuncture is different from anything I’ve tried before. My acupuncturist is a compassionate, deep listener who tailors each treatment to what is going on at that point in time. Without fail, every treatment has left me feeling renewed and more capable, and because of these shifts, I’ve been able to make choices and changes that have greatly improved my life. I’ve been receiving acupuncture care for five years now, and it has been several years since I’ve experienced a period of depression. I credit acupuncture with making a true difference in my life, and I will be forever grateful.

A.F., Chapel hill, NC